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A little bit about Terry

I have always loved painting and drawing, but when I was a lad at school in Norfolk, Art was never considered a career subject and certainly not encouraged, but in 1965 my family moved to Farnborough, and my new art teacher was brilliant, at age 15 I passed both O-Level and A-Level Art, then went on to Farnham Art School.

Leaving college my first career was in graphics, working for a while in London, then as an illustrator for Yellow Pages. I still continued to paint during my evenings and weekends developing my own painting techniques. I very soon began to realise that I couldn’t keep up with the demand for my paintings, so in 1984 I took the decision to give up my "day job" and paint full time. This was the best decision I ever made, and since then I have always had a full schedule of exhibitions, private commissions, demonstrations and more recently, workshops.

I have always been inspired by Constable and Turner, my favourite subject is the traditional landscape, using watercolour or acrylic as my main medium. I began using oils at Art School then moved on to acrylics and eventually watercolour, now a days I rarely paint in oils.

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A little about Terry
Terry's Books

In 1989 I started my own Fine Art print publishing company which has over 150 of my images including landscapes, cricket and golf scenes, these are sold in shops and galleries throughout the world. My paintings continue to be much in demand, in both original and the printed form. I have works in both public and private collections throughout the USA, Europe and Japan.

In 1996 I was honoured to win the prestigious Fine Art Guild award for the 'Best Up and Coming Artist'.

In 2001 my first book Brush with Watercolour was published by Search Press. It has proved a major success and has been reprinted so many times that it has now sold over 150,000 copies and is one of the best selling watercolour books ever.

In 2004 my book Brush with Acrylic was published and is repeating the success of my first book, not just in the United Kingdom, but World Wide. I have since written 20 more books with more titles in the pipeline. (many of these are available in my shop as signed copies)

In 1990 I began to develop my unique range of brushes, beginning with the now famous Fangogh brush. This expanded into quite a range of speciality brushes, unique to me and the logical progression of this was to create teaching videos many of which you can now see on the Painting and Drawing Channel on SKY TV. I also realised that there was a lack suitable paints on the market, so I developed my now famous ‘Three Greens’ the colour ‘Shadow’ 'Bluebell' 'Tarmac' and 'Permanent Wild Rose' in Artists watercolour, all created to help make painting easier.

Terry's Dog is never far away!

Where ever Terry is painting his dog Maggie May is never far away. She just likes being a part of the show!

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Make delightful gifts for Friends and Family

Make delightful gifts for Family and friends

I have more recently developed a range of Artists acrylic paints which are proving just as popular as the watercolour range.

I spend much of my time travelling up and down the country demonstrating to Art

societies and clubs as well as various Art Shows. I also hold workshops throughout the UK and also in the USA and South Korea.

In 2006 I moved from Farnborough and

now live in Bourton-on-the-Water in the Cotswolds with my wife Fiona Peart, we were married here in 2011. This is a fabulous place to live, surrounded by beautiful subjects to paint and as we are both Artists we are very happy here.

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